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Merrill, Austin (2 June 2010). "The Splintering of Yugoslavia and Its Soccer Team". Yosef Carmon (Hebrew: יוסף כרמון; 14 June 1933 - 2 March 2022) was...More..

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As with the rest of the Indian subcontinent, Muslims in Bangladesh are traditional Sunni, who mainly follow the Hanafi school of jurisprudence (madh'h...More..

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When David won Israel’s favor for defeating Goliath, Saul was enraged and sought to kill him. Daniel won King Nebuchadnezzar’s favor by his ability to...More..

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In the end, the two pairs who were driving the cars deciphered the word as being "WAR", however, the answer was "LIAR", meaning no money was won in th...More..

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This consists of $11 billion to insurance companies and investment funds, $1 billion to state and local governments, and $13.5 billion for other claim...More..

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