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Attributed to "creative differences," Moranis was let go because he wanted to play the janitor part with a thick Russian accent and the antics to matc...More..

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May 4: The United States suspends the rationing program for most types and cuts of meat. In 2003-04, Siena started off 3-0 only to lose their next 10 ...More..

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In 1990, the Civitan International Research Center was established on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a $20,000,000 grant f...More..

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This improved ventilation was essential to avoid warm air building up in the car and causing damage to the goods. The creation of a religious building...More..

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1917 - Herbert Lom, Czech-born English actor (d. 1923 - Alan Badel, English actor (d. 1923 - Vasilije Mokranjac, Serbian composer and academic (d. 192...More..

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Launched in 1987, the idea behind the brand was to produce vehicles that challenged American and European luxury designs. Patents for suitport designs...More..

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International Energy Agency - Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme. Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2019. Abu Dhabi: International Renewable Energ...More..

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By 1959, the company owned the entire block between 40th Street, First Avenue, 41st Street, and Second Avenue, which included the southernmost part of...More..

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July 2020 had an average global surface land and water temperature of 62.06 °F (16.70 °C), tying 2016 for the second warmest July on record, and just ...More..

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In 1891, Kansas was the first state to pass a "prevailing wage" for its own public works projects, and over the next thirty years was followed by seve...More..

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Dolin, Eric Jay. Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America. Lichtblau, Eric (July 19, 2018). "Urgent FBI Investigation In...More..

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It was the first skyscraper in New York City to feature corner windows and the first to employ brick in varying colors for its entire exterior. Wilkes...More..

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Subjective Emission These regulations allow an official to decide if the output of a sound source is acceptable without recourse to sound measurements...More..

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Dearborn Changes CourseThe '79 Mustang was the result of a bold decision taken a good six years earlier. Like Ford, GM still relied too much on truck ...More..

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