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Embassy Suites celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009 with the opening of Embassy Suites Minneapolis - Brooklyn Center. Poland is accredited to El Sa...More..

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Bullock, R.M. (11 September 2007). "An Iron Catalyst for Ketone Hydrogenations under Mild Conditions". The result was perceived as harming the CDU/CSU...More..

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All of the moving lighting fixtures were PRG Bad Boy spotlights, most of the high-powered variety; the fixture was chosen for its high throw distance ...More..

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On 8 September 2015, it was reported that Lockheed Martin would protest the award; on the same day it was also disclosed that AM General had decided n...More..

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Sales of the Mark II in 1968 were 22,983. Sales in 1969 reached 21,496. Sales slumped in 1970, to almost half their 1969 peak, at 10,216 units. The fi...More..

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Andre Ethier, Russell Martin and Wilson Valdez managed to each earn three hits each during the Dodgers game. Next up was "the Iron Horse" Lou Gehrig, ...More..

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Welsh Derby: North Wales Crusaders vs. Staff, Sport. "Shane Geraghty steals the show to rout London Welsh in exiles' derby". For the first time, the 2...More..

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In either case, the blue diamond was not retained by the British royal family. Royal Archives at Windsor, although some secondary evidence exists in t...More..

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MCR planned to renovate the Royalton to make it less exclusive; the firm's chief executive Tyler Morse said that potential guests avoided the hotel si...More..

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The show starred Sean McCann as Noah Tomten, a former old salt, who now runs an antique shop in Littleton Falls, the NODDY Shop (this stood for "Notio...More..

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At the finale, G. Amato performs the “quality of mercy” speech from The Merchant of Venice, and sings a hymn. Tim announces AmatoCon, a 3-day business...More..